News Recap: An Update on the Shellshock Bug

By | October 9th, 2014|Uncategorized|

On September 24, 2014, the Shellshock bug was discovered, exposing vulnerabilities in Unix and Linux machines. The aftermath of the Shellshock bug has continued to stay in headlines as a wave of new vulnerabilities have emerged.Threatpost’s Michael Mimoso explains that Shellshock has been actively exploited: “Analysis into the vulnerability and Bash behavior once it was [...]

Customer Alert: ‘Shellshock’ Bug

By | September 26th, 2014|Uncategorized|

On September 24, 2014, Red Hat, Inc., the software company that provides a version of the Linux Operating System, indicated that its security team discovered a vulnerability in the command line interface functionality known as “Bash” (Bourne-Again Shell). This vulnerability, called “Shellshock,” is believed to pose a larger threat than the Heartbleed vulnerability that was [...]

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