Educated Business Owners are Empowered Business Owners.

Obtaining financing for new businesses can be challenging which leads many business owners to use cash to finance their business. For most small business owners, financing is necessary to get their business up and running. The small-business credit card purchase volume is expected to increase from $493 billion in 2017 to $686 billion by 2022. Surprisingly, 71% of small business owners do not know their business credit scores, which are used when determining interest rates and credit limits to business credit cards and loans.

Despite the need for financing and the growth that the small business credit market has seen over the last 5 years, the Small Business American Dream Gap Report says 45% of small business owners who are denied financing get turned down more than once and 23% don’t know why their applications were denied.

Experian’s Small Business Solutions can help partners empower their small business clients with the necessary information to build a successful business while keeping themselves protected from identity theft and business fraud. With, Experian’s Small Business Solutions, your clients can:

Gain Financial Empowerment

Experian’s Small Business Solutions product enables business owners to access and review their Experian business credit file and Dun & Bradstreet credit file in order to gain a comprehensive view of their profile.  If your business does not have a business credit profile, Experian’s Small Business Solution is the only solution that allows businesses to create a business credit file so they can start building their profile for a successful future.

Business Identity Protection and Resolution Assistance

Experian’s Small Business Solutions also provides business owners with the tools they need to protect their business from identity fraud. Small Business Solutions from Experian grants business owners access to our Business Cyber Agent, Domain & URL Monitoring and Business Credit Monitoring services.  In the event that your small business encounters an issue, our Small Business Solutions product provides full Business Resolution Assistance and a Credit Education Center for additional educational resources.

Gain visibility into your small business profile

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Small Business Education

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