Get inspired about the best way to bring your identity theft product to market.

Even if your business has well-established marketing efforts, you might need some extra help when it comes to marketing support for your consumer-focused identity theft product. Experian provides partners with content, tips and information that will assist in the positioning of an identity theft, fraud detection or credit-monitoring product in marketing materials and advertising campaigns. We’ll guide you through the process of articulating Experian product information, benefits and value propositions for consumers or other businesses. We can also help you to determine the right use of media, content and marketing best practices to achieve your business goals.

One Sheets

Child Monitoring

Child Monitoring product provides child identity protection services across our suite of platforms.

Credit Reporting and Scoring

Help educate, inform and empower your customers with credit report and score services.

Credit Solutions Overview

Help your customers improve their credit literacy and financial planning.


CyberAgent, CSID's proprietary technology, proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and compromised confidential data online.

Data Breach

Experian is able to help organizations quickly respond and mitigate the effects of a data breach through rapid contract and solution deployment.

Embedded Identity Protection

One of the most successful business models emerging in the market today is one that has the ability to embed the concept of "identity protection" into its core products and services.

Employee Benefits Support

Your employees are at the center of your business' ability to grow and thrive. Provide peace of mind for your employees with comprehensive identity protection.

Experian Partner Solutions Overview

Experian Partner Solutions empowers businesses to help safeguard their consumers with our identity and credit solutions.

Family Account Management

This feature allows for partners to extend identity theft protection to the entire household for their subscribers at a discounted price.

Financial Account Takeover

Financial Account Takeover alerts subscribers if their personal information has been used to open a new credit card, apply for a new credit card, open a new bank account, or make changes to an existing bank account.

Identity Restoration

Experian’s identity restoration services assist in the event that an individual’s identity is compromised. These services deliver value when customers need it most and protect individuals in the event of identity theft.


The Identity Management Center (IMC) technology platform is a fully hosted and managed white label identity protection portal can be easily customized and launched with brand and style requirements.

Lost Wallet Replacement

This service assists members in quickly and effectively terminating and re-ordering wallet content. Users are not required to pre-register wallet contents before using this service.

Score Trending, Factors & Alerts

Engage your customers by providing them with helpful, knowledge-based solutions.

Sex Offender Monitoring

This services provides a report of all registered sex offenders living within a defined radius of a user's zip code, and alerts the user when a new sex offender is added. It also notifies users if a sex offender fraudulently registers using their identity elements.

Small Business Monitoring

Small Business Monitoring includes dark web surveillance of compromised business information and business identity restoration services.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring alerts a subscriber of privacy and reputational risks on the four major social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Social Security Number Trace

Social Security Number Trace service provides subscribers with a report of all names and aliases associated with their Social Security number, and notifies them if a new one is added.

Tips to Minimize Your Risk of Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be an issue, but you can minimize your risk by managing your personal information smartly and safely.