Less than 17% of identity theft triggers a credit monitoring alert.* Give your consumers comprehensive protection by including non-credit identity monitoring in your product.

As a leader in identity protection and fraud detection, Experian has developed technologies that can scale to include the monitoring of non-credit identity elements. Our proprietary CyberAgent® Internet surveillance technology scans websites, blogs, bulletin boards, peer-to-peer sharing networks and IRC chat rooms to identify matches to monitored personal information. CyberAgent can be programmed to scale to search for any type information that can be matched to an individual. In addition to CyberAgent, Experian supports a comprehensive set of identity protection and fraud detection solutions that can monitor identities through non-credit based data sets, including:

Social Security Number Trace provides users with a report of all names and aliases associated with their SSN, and notifies them if a new one is added

Child Monitoring checks and notifies when fraudulent names, aliases and addresses become associated with the SSN of a minor

Court Records Monitoring tracks municipal court systems and alerts customers if a criminal act is committed under their names in real time

Non-Credit Loan Monitoring alerts users if a Payday loan has been opened using an element of their identity

Change of Address Monitoring reports if an individual’s mail has been redirected through the US Postal Service

Sex Offender Monitoring informs users of all registered Sex Offenders living within their area, and notifies them when a new sex offender is added

Financial Account Takeover alerts users if suspicious changes are made to their bank accounts

Social Media Monitoring alerts subscribers of privacy and reputational risks associated with their and their children’s social media activity