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Experian provides valuable credit education and lead generation solutions that will help your fintech company grow customer loyalty and deliver on its brand promise. This year, we’re a proud sponsor of LendIt2019. Join us at Booth #1509 to find out how our solutions can grow your fintech business.

Explore our opinions about fintech trends and best practices

Blog: Fintech and Credit Education: Filling the Knowledge Gap

Fintechs add value by offering better digital and mobile alternatives to traditional financial institutions. They reduce consumer friction, lower costs, and deliver a more personalized engagement experience. So why do they face the same challenges as traditional FIs?

Blog: The Next Frontier for Fintech Leaders: Their Customers

People expect personalized, fast, and friction-free experiences with the various brands they do business with. Fueled by the rapid technology adoption of customer-centric brands like Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, this phenomenon has created a new competitive landscape in financial services. How can you stand apart from the crowd?

Blog: Decoding Millennials and Credit

What does credit management mean to the generation that came of age in the age of the Internet, mobile/digital revolution, and the Great Recession?

eBook: Engage Customers, Add Value and Drive Growth With Credit Education

Can you teach your customers new tricks? Yes! Now more than ever, your customers want to know more about how credit works and how to make it work for them.

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