Stay connected and engaged with customers and employees during uncertain times

COVID-19 poses an unprecedented challenge for businesses to stay connected with employees and customers alike. The crisis also presents an opportunity to engage customers and employees with the right resources to help them take back control of their financial health at a time of great need.

customer engagement strategies for uncertain times

Field Guide: Customer Engagement Strategies for the COVID-era and Beyond

Consumers have a lot on their mind: Unemployment, higher bills, and/or lower income is stretching budgets. Consumers want advice on ways to protect the credit they worked so hard to build.

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Tip Sheet: Create Engagement and Protect Against Fraud

The FBI has issued a warning about the increase in cyber threats amid the coronavirus pandemic. With customers worried about their physical and financial
health, they are easy targets for fraudsters.  Help protect them with identity protection solutions from Experian.

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First Edition: Experian Executive Expert Webinar Series

Watch the on-demand 15-minute webinar featuring expert, Brian Stack, Experian’s VP of Dark Web Intelligence for the most recent trend data on cybersecurity, and how to help your customers reduce the risk of COVID-19 related identity fraud.

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Staying Connected and Engaged in Times of Deep Uncertainty

An Experian survey paints a stark picture of Americans’ financial uncertainty amid the pandemic—and suggests opportunities for forging stronger connections with customers and employees by offering resources to help that can keep them connected and [...]

  • consumer dealing with fraud

Reducing Consumer Risk Of Identity Theft During COVID-19: Is Your Plan Working?

The new on-demand webinar series from Experian Partner Solutions delivers quick and timely information to help companies stay up-to-date on how COVID-19 related fraud is impacting consumers.

How to Help Small Business Clients during COVID-19

Giving small business clients resources to protect their financial health in this time of crisis can not only create additional touch points with brands, but can be a saving grace. This generates long-term goodwill and, [...]

  • woman wearing mask during covid-19 pandemic

Protecting Customers Against Identity Theft is Critical during COVID-19

The pace of life for the majority of Americans has dramatically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, driving more digital consumption, and unfortunately, increases in cyber-crime. Crimes that target banking, credit, and consumer [...]