Are You
Response Ready™?

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Are You Response Ready™?

Experian Reserved Response

Whether a data breach response is successful depends on the speed of notification and quality of response. If you fail in those areas, you’ll find yourself in the dreaded tragic quadrant. 

Experian Breach Response Matrix™

The outcome of your breach response will be determined by two factors: Speed of notification and Quality of Response. The matrix illustrates the relationsips and resulting outcomes. There are three ways to fail, but only one path to the Redemption Quadarant—a fast, quality customer response. Answer the questions below and find out if your breach plan is setting you up for a best-case-scenario.

Most breach response plans are tragedies waiting to happen.
Complete the survey below to download the Tragic Quadrant whitepaper and find out why.

Assess your current plan.

Complete the questionnaire below then hit “Submit” to see how Response Ready you are and where your response plan falls on the tragic quadrant.

SPEED METRICS Activity 50% of customers affected 100% of customers affected
Notify CustomersWritten notice to each customer affected by the breach sent via first class mail, email or substitute notice website
Launch Customer WebsiteProvides notice of the breach, identity protections being offered, news updates, FAQs, and how to determine if you are affected
Launch Customer Call CenterLive, trained customer care specialists taking calls and responding to email and social media posts
Identity Theft and Fraud ResolutionHow quickly do the customer care specialists address identity theft questions and resolve customer fraud cases to minimize regulator escalations, fines, and lawsuits?
QUALITY METRICS Activity 50% of customers affected 100% of customers affected
Clarity & Consistency of CommunicationAre all communications clearly written, comprehensive, and understood by the average customer? Consistent across all channels – web, notice, call center?
Customer Response Satisfaction & Average Handle TimesHow quickly are customer calls, emails, messages, and social media posts answered? Are customers satisfied with the experience?
Compound Security GaffesHow many embarrassing security gaffes are committed? ( i.e. insecure website, hyperlinks in emails, suspicious domain names etc.)
Infrastructure AvailabilityDo the phone system, websites, and supporting applications remain available and responsive during the massive customer demand spike?
Regulator Escalation RateHow quickly are regulator information requests and customer escalations closed?
Executive LossHow many executives are terminated?