The Whole Picture: Credit Monitoring and Beyond

As a credit monitoring or identity protection organization, your members and consumers rely on your services every day. Members and consumers keep track of their credit score factors, monitor their progress to financial goals or simply get a better sense of their overall credit health. But credit monitoring is only one factor towards overall consumer protection. [cc id=”csid”] solutions and technologies can add value to your organization’s existing products and services.

Your organization may have mastered selling credit services, but how can you continue to make a mark for yourself among increased competition? Give your members and consumers more reasons to stay. [cc id=”csid”] solutions and technologies provide an efficient means of extending your product and services while maintaining your brand standards.

Your One Source for Complete Credit Monitoring and Identity Protection

[cc id=”csid”] is the leading provider of global, enterprise-level identity protection and fraud detection solutions and technologies. We provide a comprehensive array of identity protection services through a single platform that can be customized to your business needs. Expand your product line and provide your members and consumers with protection above and beyond your existing products and services.

  • Market new products and services: Our white-label solutions empower your organization to deliver new credit monitoring, identity protection and fraud detection products, along with product up sell opportunities. We also have product marketing teasers, which you can use to demonstrate to your members and consumers how they can benefit from identity protection services.
  • Offer Internet surveillance protection: CyberAgent® is our exclusive proprietary technology that enables the detection of stolen identities and compromised confidential information. Our technology scours criminal chat rooms, blogs, web sites, and bulletin boards 24 hours a day to identify the illegal trading and selling of personal information. With the ability to search for and detect multiple identity elements, we provide our subscribers with the most comprehensive fraud detection available on the market. To date, CyberAgent has found more than 14 million identity data points being sold online. Your members and consumers can also customize the information that CyberAgent monitors for additional protection.
  • Enhance your product line with credit monitoring and reports: Empower your members and consumers with credit monitoring and reports that enable them to know more about their credit standing. Ongoing credit monitoring is one way to detect online fraud faster. Single and tri-bureau credit reports are available, and you can tailor the frequency of the reports. Take advantage of the same credit monitoring tools offered by market-leading credit companies.
  • Provide lost or stolen wallet protection: If a wallet is ever lost or stolen, [cc id=”csid”] Lost Wallet Services provide enrolled members and consumers with peace of mind, as a [cc id=”csid”] Restoration specialist will work with them to cancel credit, debit and identity cards and order replacements.
  • See more services and solutions: Are you looking for something else? See our full list of Identity Protection Services.

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