Leverage the brand-building advantage of Experian credit reporting and scoring.

Experian Partner Solutions can enable you to give your consumers access to their Experian credit report and score, along with a wealth of credit education. Customize their experience by providing a credit-bureau report and score from all three major credit reporting agencies. Best of all, you can give them access to VantageScore 3.0–a scoring model recognized by regulators and used by many top lenders. Adopted by four of the top five mortgage lenders, and seven out of the top 10 financial institutions, it’s the credit score that means more to lenders and borrowers. Our core credit services include:

Empower consumers with single or tri-bureau credit reports, scores and monitoring

Experian VantageScore, which also considers rent, telecom and utility payments

Flexible report frequency and the ability to provide a la carte purchasing

Custom report layouts to display robust credit data, score factors and alerts