Cyber criminals are targeting attacks towards small businesses more than ever before. In fact, Symantec reported over 43% of spear phishing attacks and 60% of all attacks in 2014 were directed towards small and midsize companies in its 2015 Internet Security Threat Report.

To combat this growing trend, we’re excited to today announce the launch of Experian’s Small Business Monitoring product, a new white-labeled service that will include full-scale protection and restoration for small businesses in the United States and across the globe. The service, hosted on our IMC platform, will include dark web surveillance of compromised business information and business identity restoration services.

Features of the Small Business Monitoring product include:

  • Defense: CyberAgent, Experian’s proprietary dark web surveillance technology monitors the depths of the web  for compromised business information, and alerts businesses to employee credentials and the appearance of company URL’s and domains.
  • Restoration: Users will have access to Experian specialists who can help them to determine if data found to be compromised has resulted in an identity theft event, and guide them through any necessary restoration activities. Experian’s case workers can assist with restoration activities for a wide range of identity theft types, and are CITRMS, FCRA, and FACTA certified.

Here’s what Experian Vice President of Product and Marketing, Bryan Hjelm, had to say about the news:

“Small businesses are an especially vulnerable population; they have more money, accounts, activity and risk than individuals, but less ability to defend themselves than enterprises. Small Business Monitoring will provide the vital, full suite of services small businesses need to help protect their assets from the risk of cyber attacks, and help them if something happens.”

We recently conducted a survey that found a significant disconnect between small businesses’ concern around cyber security, and action taken for risk mitigation. For a summary of those findings and our whitepaper visit

For more information on the small business product, visit

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