Did you know that nearly 90 percent of consumers feel secure with their current password management and use habits yet 61 percent of those consumers reuse passwords across multiple sites? In a world where security breaches make the headlines seemingly every day, consumers are still careless about password creation, management and security. This is an alarming disconnect that can leave many consumers and businesses open to a data or security breach.

Hackers can access personal information within a matter of minutes. Just a few weeks back, Wired technology reporter Mat Honan’s digital life was abolished after hackers were able to access Mat’s Gmail account—the single piece that caused a domino hack into his Amazon, iCloud and Twitter accounts.

So what can businesses and customers do to prevent similar security breaches from happening?

Our recent webinar, featuring Marc Ostryniec, VP of Experian and Josh Alexander, CEO and co-founder of Toopher, discussed the state of current consumer password habits, the risks these habits pose for consumers and businesses alike, and forward-thinking solutions for businesses.

Learn more about what we know about consumers’ poor password practices and what it means for your business in our white paper, “Consumer Survey: Password Habits. A study of password habits among American consumers.”

Download the White Paper and view the webinar below.